The core mission since the beginning was to design a product that made use of upcycled materials, in this case leather. Our Oli Eco Series wallets are made mostly with small leather samples sourced from Santa Cruz, California. The opportunity of using these small pieces lets us create a one of a kind wallets in really small quantities, thus a variety in many colors, textures, finishes. Over the past years we’ve had some really amazing looking wallets that have let many of the users express themselves through these small pieces of art.


-While we started our original wallets using full walnut wood, we made the decision to move to a walnut veneer ply in order to make the product more durable for everyday use, while still having the nature inspired material in look & feel. 


-Another way we’re bringing a sustainable approach was through the use of minimal packaging, it felt right to keep the packaging simple and functional, in this case a small pouch has many uses even after keeping your wallet safe during transportation.


-As we grow & progress we will continue to research and find minimal ways in our product to help contribute to a better sustainable future, and we hope you will join us on this mission.

© 2020 Ostri Studio


    Proudly made in San Jose, California

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