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Natur Face Mask

Updated: Sep 16

2020 has been quite a year for everyone, the pandemic has sent many businesses to find new ways to reconnect with their customers. As someone who made mostly wallets it was a bit hard to transition into mask making. For many it was a last resort to adapt to an ever changing landscape of products, it helped pay the rent. I was in the same boat trying to quickly adapt but found it a bit overwhelming at first just because there was very little info on what material would work well for homemade face masks.

I eventually got going on researching what was on the market and interviewed many people on what were some issues that could be addressed in the current face mask market. One of the biggest issues was the need for adjustable straps, many simply put stress behind the ear after hours of being worn. That was what I set out to redesign, the solution was quite simple but overlooked on many masks.

Natur meaning nature in German was born. The design is foldable, washable, but most importantly adjustable being a one size fits all for adults. With face-masks becoming a fashion statement, I really wanted to bring a bit of nature to remind the users that we will in the near future be able to once again be out and about. The patterns chosen were one of sunflowers and another of trees. They fit quite nicely into the family of what OSTRI is and where our soul comes from. Each is made with 2 pieces of 100% cotton which is durable and washable. Stay safe and stay tuned for more coming products.

Working with local stores these can be found at The Craft Gallery in Capitola and the Cobblers Bench Shoe & Luggage in Santa Clara.


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