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Go OSTRI: The beginning

Updated: Sep 14

Hi everyone,

My name is Marteen and I am the founder of Ostri. Looking back to the beginning it was October of 2017 when I set off on an adventure of making and selling my own products. It's been quite a fulfilling experience being a designer and maker, I never in all my years would’ve thought I'd be making wallets. Being a student at San Jose State University brought about an inner drive to push for what design is to me. I appreciate the time it takes to make a product along with finding solutions, it's the challenge of creating conceptual dreams.

I'm no expert on running a business, and little did I know the challenges it would bring. I was in for a roller coaster ride that has helped shape my being but along the way got to meet a wonderful community of makers from the SF bay area. With help and support of family, friends, and other makers I've continued to move forward slowly but surely. Even now I learn new things about running a business, I never knew there was so much.

I grew up in the wonderful small town of Santa Cruz in the 1990's. My dad worked at the local cement factory and my mom at an elementary school. I spent my childhood surrounded by the outdoors whether it was in Felton or Wilder Ranch, nature was a big part of my upbringing. I learned to appreciate mother earth through my time spent either hiking, mountain biking or climbing trees. It was in those silent moments spent out in the wilderness that from an early age I knew I wanted to be a designer. My notebooks back then were filled with car drawings, or drawings of cassette players of the time.

Living in a time where technology was yet to be more involved in our lives. It was bliss, it was freedom to enjoy what nature has to offer. I started Ostri to bring about my two greatest passions in life which are design & the great outdoors. It represents the idea of nature meeting the industrial world, thus why my first products featured leather, wood, and aluminum. In the past three years we've evolved making all natural leather products for a more minimal yet sophisticated approach. Ostri is where the past meets the present in my long life journey. Stay tuned for some more awesome wallets! plus stories



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