• martinmagana19

Edge Wallet

A Geometric Solution

Focusing on making a simple wallet that brings use of many leather samples in one small fun package. Edge wallet came about from looking at volume knobs on old cassette Walkmans, I wanted to create a spinning sensation when opening the wallet to be greeted with your cards. the idea of putting the cards in on its side was a tribute to like how you would put a cassette into a vintage tape player.

While the card holder is slim and practical it can hold up to 6 cards and some folded cash. There will be a 2nd version which will expand on this idea further by adding a separate section just for cash. This model is fully hand crafted, making use of a unique cross stitch that a machine could not easily replicate. Plus most models are made using locally sourced upcycled leather samples from Santa Cruz, CA.

These wallets will be available starting November 12th, 2020 online and in stores in the coming weeks.

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