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CURV Eco Series Wallets

I started Ostri in 2017 with our products using upcycled leather samples sourced from Santa Cruz, CA. It's been quite popular in early wallets, though it was a bit hard to keep consistency. Now we bring and use these upcycled samples once again in our main line-up.

The Eco series of wallets add a dash of sustainability to an already timeless yet durable design. Using these samples of leather is not only good for the planet but gives them a second chance to really be something special. While it is now only a dash of color, we hope to eventually create a line of product that in the future can be all upcycled. At the moment these products are made in very small numbers of 4 to 8 depending on how much inventory we can find.

It is truly and exciting to bring back and explore the endless possibilities of combinations by mixing lush veg tan leather with playful upcycled leather in our CURV series of wallets. Check out our shop for current combinations available through the Eco Series. Each made locally with personality and soul in San Jose, CA.

Stay tuned for more colors


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