-Martin Magana-Reyes (Founder & Lead Designer)


Hi Everyone,

My name is Martin and I am the founder of Ostri Studio based out of San Jose, California. So what is Ostri ? I've asked myself this question for the longest time and today I can finally say I know what it is. Ostri started out as a love story, it is a marriage of two of my biggest passions in life which is nature & design.

A bit of back story...

I grew up in the quiet town of Santa Cruz, California during the 1990's, it was during a time where tech and everyday life were still somewhat separated. I grew up spending my time out in nature, climbing trees, and mountain biking. Growing up in the quietness of the wilderness, I would sometimes spend my time thinking and reflecting on what I wanted to do when I grew up. At such a young age I somehow knew I wanted to be a designer, and I'd always tell that to my teachers & friends.

Being a kid of 6 years old, I already looked a the world very differently. Even now I feel the deep connection I have with nature and how important of a role it played in my upbringing, somehow that time spent outside as a kid engraved itself into my being and would later in life save me from myself.

San Jose State University years...

Though life was filled with ups & downs, It helped shape & define the person I am today. Somehow I made it through and kept in school following my dream since I was a child to become a designer. The four years I spent learning Industrial Design were some of the happiest I had in my life. I was able to learn the process of what goes into making a product and bring in more of my connection with nature through my designs. The last semester of school I got to work in a group project which involved some great talented classmates, together we had a class project of designing products based on the outdoors, it is here that I took the opportunity to finally tie in my passion for the nature and designed a wallet which would later be the first product I would ever launch once I graduated. through interest from Kiva San Jose I was chosen among 10 other makers to make a product for their San Jose/bay area launch. Through them I also received a loan which help jump start my dream of creating one of kind products for the world.

Ostri is born...

As my wonderful time at San Jose State came to an end, through the support of Family & friends plus Kiva I took a leap of faith and established Ostri Studio in October of 2017. Since then a great friend of mine joined me on this journey in July of 2018 and we've continued to bring products & designs that have meaning to us and really push to create something new with an emphasis on outdoor wellness.

Ostri Studio and our mission...

Ostri is a culmination of everything that has happened in my life, my family, my friendships, and everything good that I have learned and experienced. Ostri is the bridge of what happens when nature meets design. It is caring about tomorrow through our products by using upcycled materials but most of all going beyond the product and caring about you and the wellness of spending time in nature can bring. living in a consumer driven world our products are ever more meaningless and disposable, thus we set to change that. Were just two industrial designers who love to make things, putting our passion and soul into each product while also growing and learning as we go. Thank you for all the support :)

-Justin Fontaine (Industrial Designer & Branding)

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