-Martin Magana-Reyes (Founder & Lead Designer)


Hi Everyone,

My name is Martin and I am the founder of Ostri Studio based out of San Jose, California. So what is Ostri ? I've asked myself this question for the longest time and today I can finally say I know what it is. Ostri started out as a love story, it is a marriage of two of my biggest passions in life which is nature & design.

A bit of back story...

I grew up in the quiet town of Santa Cruz, California during the 1990's, it was during a time where tech and everyday life were still somewhat separated. I grew up spending my time out in nature, climbing trees, and mountain biking. Growing up in the quietness of the wilderness, I would sometimes spend my time thinking and reflecting on what I wanted to do when I grew up. At such a young age I somehow knew I wanted to be a designer, and I'd always tell that to my teachers & friends.

Being a kid of 6 years old, I already looked a the world very differently. Even now I feel the deep connection I have with nature and how important of a role it played in my upbringing, somehow that time spent outside as a kid engraved itself into my being and would later in life save me from myself.

San Jose State University years...

Though life was filled with ups & downs, It helped shape & define the person I am today. Somehow I made it through and kept in school following my dream since I was a child to become a designer. The four years I spent learning Industrial Design were some of the happiest I had in my life. I was able to learn the process of what goes into making a product and bring in more of my connection with nature through my designs. The last semester of school I got to work in a group project which involved some great talented classmates, together we had a class project of designing products based on the outdoors, it is here that I took the opportunity to finally tie in my passion for the nature and designed a wallet which would later be the first product I would ever launch once I graduated. through interest from Kiva San Jose I was chosen among 10 other makers to make a product for their San Jose/bay area launch. Through them I also received a loan which help jump start my dream of creating one of kind products for the world.

-Justin Fontaine (Industrial Designer & Branding)

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