OSTRI was established in October of 2017 in San Jose, California. Being a recent grad from San Jose State with a degree in Industrial Design I felt the urge to bring about my take on design. Looking at the vast consumer market I felt the need to bring products back into a more personal level, in this case becoming a local maker and selling at bay area craft markets. While my first product was not a financial success, it's looks turned heads thus set the tone for what OSTRI was to become and is today.

For me I always felt I was born in the wrong decade but always had an eye for design, especially that from decades before. My approach I would say is very old fashion yet fresh by aspiring to create a product that is both timeless yet relevant. This is done through fusing multiple past aesthetics along with a bit of one's personality & soul and letting the product almost create itself. It is a bit hard for me to explain the process I go through but the end the result most of the time is exciting. I would say I'm described by my friends as a really happy person which translate into some of the playful designs such as the Oli wallet series.

OSTRI focuses on sustainability through the use of upcycled leather sometimes mixed with walnut wood. A lot of what inspires me comes from my upbringing in Santa Cruz, California in the 1990's. My time spent out in the silence of the mountains along with appreciation of technology at the time was everything to me. It's a creative outlet but also a whisper among the loudness. I enjoy what I do, through my experience, time, and energy I try and leave the world a little bit better even if it's one wallet at a time.

"As always love & respect nature, life and yourself"

-Martin (Founder & Lead Designer)

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SF Etsy

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San Jose Center for Culture Innovation

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